Rent Slide Projectors Projection Screens, Meeting Aids
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Overhead Projectors
Overhead Projectors
Hi Intensity Overhead
Elmo Xenon Overhead 7800 Lumens
Opaque Projector
Visual Presenter (Elmo EV-500)
35mm Slide Projectors
Kodak Ektagraphill Projector
Navitar Brite Light Module
Xenon Hi-Intensity Projector
Navitar Slide to Video Converter
Kodak Viewer/Projector
Kodak Audio Viewer w/ cassette
Dove X2 Dissolve Unit
AMX Wireless Remote
Projection Screens
5' or 6' Tripod Screen
7' or 8' Tripod Screen
10' or 12' Roll up Mod-C
6' x 8' Fastfold Screen
7.5' x 10' or 8' x 8' Fastfold Screen
9' x 12' or 10' x 10' Fastfold Screen
10.5' x 14' or 12' x 12' Fastfold Screen
15' x 20' Fastfold Screen
Dresskits are samae price as screens
Carts & Stands
32" Cart w/stand
2" Cart w/ drape or 54" Cart w/ drape
Safelock Projection Stand
Meeting Aids
Laser Pointer
Speaker Timer
Cue Light - Wired or Wireless
Wireless Translation Systems - 2 Headsets
Tripod Easel
Flipchart Easel
Whiteboard or Corkboard w/ Easel
Slide Viewer Box
Walkie Talkie w/ Charger
Video Conferencing Polycom video or just audio